Four Reasons To Keep a Work Journal

In my first job with administrative overtones, my provost asked me to keep a work journal (at first) so he could see how I was working.  I liked the process so much that I’ve maintained it across several years, although

Dress for Men at the SACSCOC 2017 Annual Meeting

If you’re in higher education and live in the Southeast or Texas (but not Arkansas), then you may have known about the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)annual meeting in Dallas, TX that concluded yesterday.  This

Four Reasons You Should Use a Rubric

Recently, a student in an online class asked me “What is this rubric thing?”  Well, what purpose does a rubric serve?  As I tried to explain it to her–and realizing that the vocabulary was already getting in the way–I posited

Preparing For A New Year

If you’re in higher education, the “New Year” probably feels more like August than January.  Nevertheless, we should be preparing for a new year.  The year 2016 has concluded.  To many it was a hard year (look at some Tweets on

Additional Thoughts on Exams

In a previous post, I detailed my process for actually grading mathematics exams.  Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve learned to build into my courses (before any exam), some commentary for after the exam, and then a few other

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