On Monday, March 26th, I was privileged with the opportunity to speak as part of the LaGrange College 3D Journeys series. The 2012 series was focused on Ireland and I was privileged to speak on the “sustainability of Ireland”.

This series helps involved members of the Troup Co./LaGrange communities to become more informed about other places in the world by learning from experts on subject matter.

The Sustainability of Ireland

I learned a great deal about the politics, energy practices, economy, and general health statuses of the Irish and was excited at what I learned.

A link to the presentation is given below:
[slideshare id=39524912&doc=ireland3dfinal-140925100139-phpapp01]

A PDF version is also available.


In the end, a large amount of information about Ireland was necessarily distilled into a fairly short discussion period. I was asked excellent questions by the community members and made some new contacts.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment sections.

3D Journeys: The Sustainability of Ireland
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