An Almost Paperless Course
A screenshot from Microsoft Excel.

I almost did it. I almost had a paperless course.

Paperless Course

The course is an Excel spreadsheet-focused course.  These, clearly, are all digital.  Grades are kept digitally in the learning management system. The course lecture notes are online (.pdf format) and any in-class work that I do is saved and exported as .pdf. The students submit the assignments electronically.  What kept me from having a paperless course?


Academic honesty.  Not even really academic honesty but trying to control the situation so that students would be academically honest.

The final required an internet connection to get to the test listing and I didn’t think about it. I chose to disconnect the computers in the lab from the internet (for academic honesty hopes).  Doing so meant they couldn’t get to the test.

I printed off four copies of the one-page exam.

I feel defeated.


I will rearrange the course so this isn’t a concern and the course becomes paperless.  I make this change in easy, short steps.  I’ll write about a more finished product.



An Almost Paperless Course
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