A 2012 Conversation–Reviewed

Introduction In 2012, I asked a friend of mine, Mike Thomas, about his opinion and obstacles he saw for online learning at LaGrange College.  While I won’t quote his email verbatim, here is the thrust of his message. An online

2015 Online College Students Report

Learning House and Aslanian Market Research published the Online College Students 2015 report. This information is wonderfully useful as we examine opportunities for online instruction.

NetExtender for Linux

The firewall that we use required the SonicWall NetExtender. However, none of the conventional tools to Fedora Linux worked with this (as far as the internet could tell me). Good URL to help with that: http://askubuntu.com/questions/246332/how-to-get-netextender-vpn-working-in-ubuntu-12-10-x64. That URL gives descriptions

Introductory Message to Students in Online Courses

Introduction I often get new online instructors who ask how it is that they start their term.  I always end up sending them my introductory message.  It conforms to a series of standards.  They’re pretty easily visible:  technological needs, assessments,

More Great Articles

A great report to read is found  at http://www.learninghouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/2014-Online-College-Students-Final.pdf.    In a similar note, the article Who Succeeds in Online Education, is also a great read.  Both are direct discussions with or in correlation to his firm, The Learning House. Enjoy, JME

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