As I initiated this site on WordPress’s server, I asked myself “Does the academic world need another blog?”  No doubt there are countless blogs and commentaries that other academics offer.  However, as a member of a younger generation of professors, I (and those like me) bring to our classrooms a perspective that is not dissimilar from our students.  Further, our generation is comfortable with technology as are our students.  So, how do we do our jobs differently (better?) than our predecessors?

Blog Intent

Again, the question is raised,  “Why am I doing this?”  I’m still not sure.  But I think/hope I have something to offer to my colleagues.  Perhaps someone out there in the blogosphere will agree with me.


I’m still not sure that I’ll maintain a blog SOLELY for  my research and pedagogical changes/philosophies.  But, hopefully, anything that alters how I do my academic job will make it here.  Maybe some readers will too.

Blog Intent
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