How to Grade a Math Exam

I have been an educator in higher ed now, in some form or fashion, for fifteen years.  One of the hardest parts of this job is still the grading, but it gets easier.  I’ve made this grueling process more efficient

You Think You Want to Earn a PhD?

You may be nearing the end of your undergraduate career and think that you want to earn your PhD (or Ph.D.) in the same or a related discipline.  But, probably admittedly, you have no idea what to expect.  Let me

Consider These Things Before Choosing Graduate School

If graduate school is your chosen pathway, how do you make the best choice?  I’ve chosen twice and have given considerable time to what I should have pondered.  Here are some things to consider before you make this significant choice.

Conclusions: Wrapping Things Up

More than four years ago, now, I made a proposal to teach online courses at LaGrange College at the exact same window of time my provost had been planning to contract with a company to help us offer them.  I

Pushing Frontiers: HigherEdScope

Recently, Melissa Venable (a good friend and colleague) and I came up with the idea to do something crazy.  In the pioneering spirit of online learning we would stretch a platform to its boundaries, actually educate someone about something, and

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