The Moral Ambiguity of In-Seat Course Evaluations

It’s that time of year, again.  In college classrooms everywhere, professors are passing out course evaluations or trucking their students to computer labs.  While many schools have gone to course evals separated from the class times, quite a few have

Improved Perspective on Online Instruction

In a recent conversation with a colleague about why online instruction has value, we hit upon one prominent reason that online learning has been received negatively:  perspective.  Many of us, myself included, have sometimes held imperfect perspectives on instruction, in general. For Interview

I was interviewed some time ago for  The site has recently become active and here’s the link to my interview: Jon M. Ernstberger Honored by the Interview I was excited to give this interview for quite a few reasons.

Optimized Classroom Scheduling at LaGrange College

In retrospect, I think that  finding mathematics/computer science was really no coincidence.  I think they appealed to me because of my overall need to solve problems.  Now, part of what makes moving into administration neat is that I get to

Hourly Learning Management System Usage

Not long ago, in a conversation with some rather smart people, the question of when everyone is most active on the learning management system (the LMS) came up.  I gave an answer that I believed to be accurate.  I was

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