I was interviewed some time ago for  The site has recently become active and here’s the link to my interview: Jon M. Ernstberger Honored by the Interview I was excited to give this interview for quite a few reasons.

Lessons Learned from an Online College Algebra Course

Almost two years ago now, I wrote a series of blog posts dealing with the lessons learned from an online college algebra course.  I was in a second or third season as an online instructor and thought if I added

Social Media for MAA Southeast

About two years ago I proposed that the Southeastern section of the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) adopt some social media.  Consequently, I was permitted to handle those accounts. In close discussion with Jim Gleason (UA, webmaster for MAASE), we

Windows 8 Problems with MikTeX and TeXWorks

Introduction A recurring problem has found one student who has been using MikTeX on a Windows 8 machine to be exceptionally frustrated. The problem felt like it was completely unrepeatable but non-fixable.  Here’s what we did and where we started.

Printable Graph Paper

For so many different things, I need graph paper.  But, I don’t need it regularly enough to buy a tablet of it.  So, I print it.  I found a link that has some quality paper.

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