Four Reasons You Should Use a Rubric

Recently, a student in an online class asked me “What is this rubric thing?”  Well, what purpose does a rubric serve?  As I tried to explain it to her–and realizing that the vocabulary was already getting in the way–I posited

Conclusions: Wrapping Things Up

More than four years ago, now, I made a proposal to teach online courses at LaGrange College at the exact same window of time my provost had been planning to contract with a company to help us offer them.  I

Improved Perspective on Online Instruction

In a recent conversation with a colleague about why online instruction has value, we hit upon one prominent reason that online learning has been received negatively:  perspective.  Many of us, myself included, have sometimes held imperfect perspectives on instruction, in general. For

Hourly Learning Management System Usage

Not long ago, in a conversation with some rather smart people, the question of when everyone is most active on the learning management system (the LMS) came up.  I gave an answer that I believed to be accurate.  I was

Creating Moodle Quizzes

On December 11, 2015, Instructional Technology at LaGrange College hosted another in our Brown Bag Lunch series.  The title was “Creating Moodle Quizzes” and the discussion was led by Dr. Christi Hu. Since this BBL was after final exams were

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