Still Learning About Online Learning

Recently, at a conference, I inadvertently said something like, “We’re still learning about online learning.”  It was unplanned but completely accurate.  At LaGrange College, we’ve learned so much but are still learning.  I’d like to share some of how far


In the realm of discussions regarding offering online courses, no discussion has been more painful than the state authorization conversation.  To your own full-time students, no one could really keep you from teaching an accredited and authorized course via any delivery

Lessons Learned from an Online College Algebra Course

Almost two years ago now, I wrote a series of blog posts dealing with the lessons learned from an online college algebra course.  I was in a second or third season as an online instructor and thought if I added

Moodle Gradebook with Categories

In a previous post, I wrote about the creation of an easy Moodle Gradebook.  In this post, I continue with a discussion about a step up in your gradebook.  What if you need a Moodle Gradebook with categories? A Moodle

The Simplest Moodle Gradebook Ever

In a recent post, I gave some good reasons why teachers should use a learning management system when teaching a course.  I didn’t reference the gradebook in that article a single time.  Yet, among the LaGrange College faculty, survey results bear

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