Four Reasons You Should Use a Rubric

Recently, a student in an online class asked me “What is this rubric thing?”  Well, what purpose does a rubric serve?  As I tried to explain it to her–and realizing that the vocabulary was already getting in the way–I posited

Additional Thoughts on Exams

In a previous post, I detailed my process for actually grading mathematics exams.  Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve learned to build into my courses (before any exam), some commentary for after the exam, and then a few other

The Moral Ambiguity of In-Seat Course Evaluations

It’s that time of year, again.  In college classrooms everywhere, professors are passing out course evaluations or trucking their students to computer labs.  While many schools have gone to course evals separated from the class times, quite a few have

The Simplest Moodle Gradebook Ever

In a recent post, I gave some good reasons why teachers should use a learning management system when teaching a course.  I didn’t reference the gradebook in that article a single time.  Yet, among the LaGrange College faculty, survey results bear

Five Reasons To Use a Learning Management System When You Teach

In a recent meeting, when looking through some notes taken during a learning management system (LMS) backup, a colleague noted that the faculty at my institution could be using the LMS more effectively. Another colleague suggested that we should message

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