Snapchat in Online Courses for Greater Communication

As part of the Online Learning Consortium’s 2015 International Conference (#OLC15), Melissa Venable and I gave a presentation with the same title as this blog post.  Dr. Venable has already written about Snapchat at If you’re not aware of Snapchat

Presentation for the OLC Conference

At the upcoming Online Learning Consortium’s 21st Annual International Conference, Melissa Venable and I will be giving a presentation, entitled “Snapchat:  Bridging the Communication Chasm in Online Courses“. I’ll post slides, eventually.  

Printable Graph Paper

For so many different things, I need graph paper.  But, I don’t need it regularly enough to buy a tablet of it.  So, I print it.  I found a link that has some quality paper.

Introductory Message to Students in Online Courses

Introduction I often get new online instructors who ask how it is that they start their term.  I always end up sending them my introductory message.  It conforms to a series of standards.  They’re pretty easily visible:  technological needs, assessments,

More Great Articles

A great report to read is found  at    In a similar note, the article Who Succeeds in Online Education, is also a great read.  Both are direct discussions with or in correlation to his firm, The Learning House. Enjoy, JME

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