Preparing For A New Year

If you’re in higher education, the “New Year” probably feels more like August than January.  Nevertheless, we should be preparing for a new year.  The year 2016 has concluded.  To many it was a hard year (look at some Tweets on

Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

LaGrange College hosts an annual, internal teaching-focused conference entitled “Teaching and Learning Conference 20xx” and that conference is given a nickname.  On May 18th, we hosted TLC2016.  This year, the planners included Prof. Rebekah Ralph, May McInnis, Dr. Christi Hu,

The Most Useful Lessons I Learned in College

People make statements like “they don’t teach you xxx in school!” to me more often than I’d like once they learn that I’m a math prof.  This phrase is spoken most regularly with the intent to self-validate from its speaker.  There

Taking Care of Others

I want to encourage each of you to do something amazing.  I want to encourage you to take care of others around you in our world. Taking Care of Others Many (most) of us are exceptionally blessed.  For those of

An Almost Paperless Course

I almost did it. I almost had a paperless course. Paperless Course The course is an Excel spreadsheet-focused course.  These, clearly, are all digital.  Grades are kept digitally in the learning management system. The course lecture notes are online (.pdf

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