Four Reasons To Keep a Work Journal

In my first job with administrative overtones, my provost asked me to keep a work journal (at first) so he could see how I was working.  I liked the process so much that I’ve maintained it across several years, although

Preparing For A New Year

If you’re in higher education, the “New Year” probably feels more like August than January.  Nevertheless, we should be preparing for a new year.  The year 2016 has concluded.  To many it was a hard year (look at some Tweets on

Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

LaGrange College hosts an annual, internal teaching-focused conference entitled “Teaching and Learning Conference 20xx” and that conference is given a nickname.  On May 18th, we hosted TLC2016.  This year, the planners included Prof. Rebekah Ralph, May McInnis, Dr. Christi Hu,

The Most Useful Lessons I Learned in College

People make statements like “they don’t teach you xxx in school!” to me more often than I’d like once they learn that I’m a math prof.  This phrase is spoken most regularly with the intent to self-validate from its speaker.  There

Taking Care of Others

I want to encourage each of you to do something amazing.  I want to encourage you to take care of others around you in our world. Taking Care of Others Many (most) of us are exceptionally blessed.  For those of

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