Perl in MATLAB

When I updated a local MATLAB install to 2016a, I ran into the same problem with Math::Random.  In this post, I wrote about how I fixed MATLAB for use of a local Perl install. (I found it, again, when searching

Snapchat in Online Courses for Greater Communication

As part of the Online Learning Consortium’s 2015 International Conference (#OLC15), Melissa Venable and I gave a presentation with the same title as this blog post.  Dr. Venable has already written about Snapchat at If you’re not aware of Snapchat

2015 Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research I was privileged to engage an excellent mathematician/programmer, Jared O. Lovin, for undergraduate research.  Jared and I minimized admissions counselors’ travels and used the K-Means algorithm.  His work was entitled “Optimization of LaGrange College Admissions Counselors’ Paths Using

Octave Graph Theory Toolbox

Introduction In 2009, as an undergraduate researcher, Amanda Olsen coded what was to be part of a Graph Theory Toolbox. Since there was none for Octave at the time, she coded a few good basic functions. Her work was basic

Kayla S. Cline’s Poster “Performance of Numerical Optimization Routines” as an Undergraduate Research Project

Undergraduate research is incredibly important for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the most important reason is that our students learn what we as scientists, mathematics, or even academics do. Undergraduate Research Project Take one case in hand.  A former student

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