The following entry is actually from a post on our Math Department’s blog (which I Utd also manage…expect some double-posts) from April 2008. cheap NFL jerseys Enjoy!

Students in Dr. J. Ernstberger’s MATH 2105 (Precalculus) course use the SMART Reponse “clickers” in what is certainly not your run-of-the-mill math class.

The SMART Response system, formerly known as Senteo, consists of a wireless keypad which transmits each student’s response to a planned question to the instructor’s computer for result tabulation. The instructor can tailor questions to be multiple choice, numerical response, true/false, and yes/no questions. The students are taught content, stepped through example problems, and then asked to work wholesale NBA jerseys problems and submit their answers via their wireless remote (commonly known as a “clicker”).

Every Friday, the Spring 2010 MATH Nfl 2105 course meets wholesale NFL jerseys in the Frank and Laura Lewis Library auditorium where Mary Lou Dabbs, the library liaison to the science division, helps set up the “clickers” and even watches the class on some days. “The clickers seem to help engage the students significantly” says Dabbs (in paraphrase).

“The students are answering questions and receiving instant feedback on how they’re doing on that day’s content.” says Ernstberger. He continues, “There’s way more Design work on the preparation side of the course, but it’s worth it for students to get accurate and timely wholesale jerseys notice on their performance.” When asked if he’ll keep on using the clickers in his classes, Ernstberger replies “Absolutely. I’m learning the tricks and seeing the student involvement. They will be a fixture in Blog my classes.”

Do the “clickers” help? You’ll just have to hunt down some of the students in the class Will and ask.

Clickers in Math
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