On December 11, 2015, Instructional Technology at LaGrange College hosted another in our Brown Bag Lunch series.  The title was “Creating Moodle Quizzes” and the discussion was led by Dr. Christi Hu.

Creating Moodle quizzes.
Dr. Christi Hu demonstrates the creation of quizzes and some more advanced features of the Quiz tool in Moodle during a Brown Bag Lunch.

Since this BBL was after final exams were completed, we were uncertain of attendance.  But, including Christi, there were seven of us in attendance.  While this may seem small to many places, this represents about 10% of our faculty body and is something I’d consider a success for training opportunities at any institution.

Creating Moodle Quizzes using the Aiken Format

Of particular interest to me was Dr. Hu’s demonstration of the Aiken format.  For example, one might define a text file, with name quiz1questions.txt that contains the following:

Question One:
A. Answer One
B. Answer Two
C. Answer Three
D. Answer Four

Question Two:
A. Answer One
B. Answer Two
C. Answer Three
D. Answer Four

The structure of the Aiken submission file is very particular.  The question comes first with each multiple choice response designated by a letter on its own line and the response that corresponds to that letter following.  Finally, after listing all of your responses, in all caps, write ‘ANSWER: ‘ followed by a space and the letter of the correct answer to the question.  Each new question follows after two CRLFs have occurred.


Dr. Hu continued to talk about grading, using wildcards in the quiz solutions, and several other pieces including how to randomize quiz questions and solution. Everyone who was in attendance learned something valuable.

At the end of the day, exposure is still the name of the game in development.  Even if people don’t implement the technique in their courses, the seed has been planted.

You can watch Dr. Hu’s entire session below.


Creating Moodle Quizzes
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