The software Dropbox is great for synchronizing files across multiple computers and incompatible networks.

At this point, we’ve all become fans of the utility Dropbox. If you don’t know what Dropbox is, you may be in for quite the surprise. Dropbox is an app that installs on your computer(s) and syncs directories to a server across a network. With the same app installed on other computers, one can use the same account credentials to sync files in directories effortlessly.

MATLAB and Dropbox

I was writing code in MATLAB that required multiple sequential runs using certain variations of a problem. All in all, my code was producing about 10,000 different trials for solutions in the problem I am examining. I left this piece of code running on my office machine (so I could travel with my laptop). The campus network is fairly secure and consequently I struggled with the concept of how to reach the data with going through the VPN, using rdesktop to connect to the desktop, etc. Further, my network connection at home is not the fastest.

I decided to let MATLAB write to a file that was in a shared directory across the Dropbox network. Now, I can simply enter “less results.txt” at a Unix terminal and see how the results of the code are running.


Your IT director may not like this solution–especially with security flaws being regularly exposed in software products that work through/with network security. ¬†Also, this solution was reached before the arrival of Google Drive which may be more closely integrated with your campus. ¬†Regardless, this is a good solution.



Updated 12/30/2016

Dropbox to Monitor Research Results
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