Google Keep Is Keeping Me Organized
Borrowed from Google Keep is keeping me organized.


One day, as an undergraduate, my advisor showed me her Palm m100 and told me that she needed to have a calendar that worked and that helped to remove things from her memory.  Since then, I have been on the hunt for excellent organization tools.  Items such as calendars, to-do lists, and even email schedulers have all been tools that I have used.

Recently, I moved away from using Google Calendar‘s built-in task list.  It was simple, easy, and worked well.  The problem was that it was clunky and I was always relying on third-party apps on my mobile devices in the hopes that they would interface well.

Then, I discovered Google Keep.  Since then, my organization schemes have been turned upside down.  There are five ways that Google Keep is keeping me organized now.  Let me share them with you.

Five Ways Google Keep Is Keeping Me Organized

I use Google Keep primarily as a to-do list.  Here are five ways that I use this tool to keep me organized.

  1. Use the alarms.  Setting alarms helps us to complete tasks (think Pomodoro techinque).  Google Keep alarms can be vague (like “tomorrow morning”), specific (like October 21st, 2015, at 8:15pm), or based upon location.  Each of these alarm types is important and can be used to boost your overall efficiency.
  2. Color-coding is a sorting tool.  Pick colors for a “genre” of task.  For instance: for teaching-relating duties, I use the light yellow; for things related to online instruction, I use gold; for research, I use blue.
  3. Sharing is integral to Google Keep.  I can share tasks with people on a team as long as we’re all using Google Keep.  I do this for my professional, personal, and volunteer activities.  Once I show Keep to someone, it spreads–it’s that versatile.
  4. Each note is a small project.  Because I can put alarms on each note, I can be reminded of when things are due.  An interim alarm keeps me working on the items of the note.
  5. Use the checklists and archival.  Because you can use checklists on each note, Google Keep becomes more of a small project management tool.  As you complete items, check them off your list.  Don’t forget to archive your to-dos so you won’t worry about them any longer.  You can always search for old, archived items.


I’m completely surprised at how much I rely upon Google Keep.  If you’ve never used this fantastic tool, I suggest that you give it a try.  Put the time in, organize yourself, and set up color schemes for your to-do list.

Feel free to ask questions or share ways that you use Google Keep in the comments.  If you like the content of this blog, feel free to subscribe!

Five Ways Google Keep Is Keeping Me Organized
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