Google Docs and LibreOffice.

This semester, I have used Google Docs¬†(now Google Drive) and LibreOffice more than I ever have in the past. ¬†Here’s how I’ve used them.


Google Docs and LibreOffice

For academic purposes, I first used Google Docs (Presenter) to draw in a presentation with a colleague. We tried it and it worked. The drawing tool updated in real time. It was very nice. Recently, when working on a QEP proposal, I’ve passed documents back and forth so often between colleagues that we just set up a GD file and shared it between ourselves. Everyone has the “current version”. How cool.

MS Word and LibreOffice, with their awesome editing features, still require that people move the file back and forth. Why would anyone want to do this!?



I understand a lot of the arguments, but I am starting to struggle with the issue that some say “People need to know MS Word for the business world”. If we have 21-year old graduates with college degrees who can’t figure out alternate word processing programs, we’ve got bigger problems than the money we aren’t saving from the use of a free office suite (if using both Google Docs and LibreOffice).

(12/14/2011 edit): I’m starting to see that some browsers work much better with Google Docs. Firefox, Chrome (funny that this doesn’t do the best), and then IE (in order of best to worst in my experiences).

What are your experiences with these free office tools?

Google Docs and LibreOffice
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2 thoughts on “Google Docs and LibreOffice

  • January 30, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    LibreOffice is probably one of the best office suites there is. Much better than MS Office anyway!

    • October 23, 2015 at 1:50 am

      I completely agree.


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