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At this point, I’ve had Google Glass for about two weeks. This put me through Christmas and is bringing me into 2014.

Google Glass Photography and Impressions

Here are some things I’ve thought about most:

  1. I’m extremely sensitive to how I’m perceived while wearing it.  Perhaps those who have been wearing Glass longer have gotten over this sensitivity, but I have not.  Oddly enough, my wife’s parents were in town and, after seeing me wear them for almost no time whatsoever implied that they didn’t even notice them!  I would guess this comes from have a peer group that (probably) almost uniformly wears glasses.
  2. As of yet, there is not a ton of useful “cool stuff” for them.  Some of it is amazing!  The hands-free operation is nothing shy of incredible but its obvious primary usage is its camera (video or still).  I’m digging G+, Twitter, and Instagram access.
  3. Battery life is not stellar.  This is all over the boards–no surprise.
  4. I’m conscientious of losing them–or worse–having them taken.  Let’s face it, these are not inexpensive and they’re intriguing.
  5. Some of the ‘point and click’ functionality is clunky.  But some of the menus are driven by the direction of your head!

Perhaps most interesting to me was a discovery from today.  In looking through my auto-uploaded images on G+, I was looking at the image specifications and the nested camera settings.  I noticed these things:

  • The focal length (expected) and aperture are fixed.  The focal length is 2.95mm and the aperture is at f/2.48.
  • However, the exposure and ISO are not fixed.  I’ve noticed the ISO as numerically low as 68 (I don’t know how Glass reaches this number) and as high as 1182.  The exposure has ranged from 1/26 to 1/15 seconds.

Although I feel like I’m taking pictures/videos left and right, I’ve still got tons of space and am learning to branch out and use the tethering for Google Play Music, etc.

Google Glass Photography and Impressions

I’m excited to even get to try these devices out and to be a #glassexplorer.

Google Glass Photography and Impressions
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