The term is over and my grades are submitted.  All reports that were due have been submitted and now I’m tackling projects (for work) that are achieving goals.  But now, I’m going to take a significant break.  Why?  Let me share my reasons with you.

Plans for The Holiday Break

If you’re going to take a break, it’s best to have a plan.  If not, you’ll end up not doing any of those things that you really want to do.  Here’s my list:

  1. I’ve got to recharge.  This term has been taxing, both professionally and personally.  I want to take the time with my family and friends and just relax.
  2. Family and Friends.  They’re the people who are important in my life and I want to show that to them and make lots of great memories.
  3. Back off of the Internet.  Man, the Internet is awesome.  But, sometimes, we all just need to take a break from it.  It’s so easy to get lost behind our phones that we aren’t paying attention to the relationships that are in the same room with us.
  4. Introspection.  Some quieter time to think and refocus who I am and what I want to accomplish is a priority that I’m making this break.
  5. Sleep.  Everyone in higher ed lives a sleep deprived life.  I plan to rectify some of that–at least for a few weeks.
  6. Projects.  I’ve got a ton of little projects that I want to wrap up.  (This can be read as “My house falls apart during the semester.”)
  7. Exercise.  I forget so often that I just need to take care of myself, mentally and physically, that I try to get back some of what I lose every time we have a significant break.  Running shoes, shirts, and shorts are easy to pack along anywhere I go.  I’ve got to use them more.
  8. Movies.  Man, I want to watch some movies.  There are some that I’m woefully behind on but, more importantly, Star Wars Episode 7 comes out.  (J.J. Abrams:  You’d better not mess this up.  But, I have faith in you after the Star Trek reboot.)

It doesn’t take much energy to think about what it is that we want to accomplish during our breaks.  There’s an endless list but there should definitely be some focus on those closest to you.


Be deliberate about your plans for your holidays.  Make the time count; put your energy where there is value.

Merry Christmas!



If you’ve got some comments about my list or want to share the cool things you’re doing, leave them below in the comments.

Holiday Break
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