In August, I was asked to give a session about using iPads in a business classroom and I accepted. In general, the talk included commentary that was fairly general purpose and that I was able to port from a similar discussion about tablet use in my math courses.

I have an iPad although it is an original iPad. Although it is slower, my iPad guarantees that everyone in the room could do what I could. I began using a tablet (my original iPad) in Spring 2010. I used it in my Calculus II course and compiled some interesting results.

iPads in a Business Class

The following slideshow is what I shared with the group.

Further, the Business Department recorded the presentation. Here’s the video:


Did my opportunity to share change anything done by my colleagues?  I don’t know, but it would be neat to think so.  I hope that our time was useful.

To the business department, let me offer my thanks for the opportunity and the recording!

iPads in a Business Class
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