Undergraduate research is incredibly important for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the most important reason is that our students learn what we as scientists, mathematics, or even academics do.

Undergraduate Research Project

Take one case in hand.  A former student of mine, Mrs. Kayla Kindred (former Kayla S. Cline).  She was determined to follow one path and (wisely) kept adjusting her path as she saw other things she wanted to do.  (If only we could all be so brave.)

She discovered that she enjoyed programming for mathematics and so we launched into some undergraduate research where she programmed Newton’s Method, the Chord Method, and the Secant  Method and did a little analysis of each–even making a few neat modifications along the way.

Here is Kayla’s poster that was presented as an undergraduate research project:  Performance of Numerical Optimization Routines by Kayla S. Cline.

The accompanying paper was publishing in LaGrange College’s Citations journal.  The correct citation/title follow: Performance of Numerical Optimization Routines


I am so proud of Kayla.  Since she came to LaGrange College, she has been an excellent student and my advisee. I was sad to see her leave but continue to be proud of where she goes in life.

Kayla S. Cline’s Poster “Performance of Numerical Optimization Routines” as an Undergraduate Research Project