Dr. Francis Su talks to the Southeastern Section of the MAA.
Dr. Francis Su talks to the Southeastern Section of the MAA.

Over the weekend of March 24th – 26th, I was at the MAA Southeastern Section Spring 2016 Meeting in Birmingham, AL at the beautiful University of Alabama at Birmingham campus.

Project NExT-SE

On the afternoon of 3/24 and the morning of 3/25, Project NExT-SE (New Experiences in Teaching, Southeast section) meetings happened.  On Thursday, we heard Dr. Kristen Abernathy talk about advising for industrial careers in mathematics, shared several techniques for teaching mathematics, and had a roundtable on advising.  On Friday, Dr. Francis Su (@mathyawp, President of the MAA) spoke to us about how we perceive and communicate mathematics and we followed that time with a conversation about defining our narrative as a professor.  Finally, we had more contributed talks from Dr. John Asplund, Dr. Tom Wright, and Dr. Ben Wescoatt.  All in all, our NExT-SE activities went favorably.

On Thursday night, while some of my colleagues who sit on the executive committee went to dinner, I got to go out with some of the NExT-SEers to Dreamland BBQ.

Come Friday, we finished out our time with Dr. Francis Su speaking with us and then having a series of conversations.  One of our conversations revolved around the final collegiate experience of mathematics.  If students take just one math class in their higher ed experience, should it be a traditional math course or should it be something memorable, useful, or exploratory?  These are the types of questions we grappled against.

MAA Southeast Social Media

I spent time working on the social media for the section.  Our Twitter handle is @MAASoutheast and our Facebook site is facebook.com/maasoutheast. I ended up using Hootsuite to schedule out posts.

Main Conference

One speaker, Dr. Christopher Raridan, helped re-spark some interest in some research.   Dr. Su also spoke and he was the MAA Southeastern Section’s first Periscope session.


In the end, I compiled a huge folder of images and made a presentation in Powerpoint.  Here it is:

[slideshare id=60251894&doc=maase16-160331015239]

We have a really great section and, although a large amount of my time is spent in online instruction, mathematics is my favorite discipline, ever. I love sharing it with students.

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MAA Southeastern Section Spring 2016 Meeting
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