In 2009 (ten years ago! how can it have been so long!), Amanda Olsen worked diligently on a project to use an open source programming language (Octave) to create a toolbox. I wrote about and provided links to the toolbox in a 2014 blog post entitled Octave Graph Theory Toolbox.

In March 2018, I resubmitted the discussion for the Southeast MAA section meeting at Clemson University. That talk was accepted and I presented it to a not-so-full room of people who share many of the same passions I do. You can see that presentation below.

After all this time, I see that so much good came from this project.

  1. Amanda learned more graph theory and about how to program better in Octave/MATLAB.
  2. I learned how to work better with a student.
  3. We learned more about FOSS.
  4. We learned about licenses.

What we were doing when we made the content available was simple: we were making open educational resources (or OER). I find it exciting that this held value to me even a decade ago.

If you’re interested in this project, feel free to access it now at its GitHub repository. There has been no activity since I posted it to GitHub about a year ago–I’d love to have someone using the code.

Octave Graph Theory Toolbox, Part Deux
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