Perl in MATLAB
Get MATLAB to reference a second Perl installation.

When I updated a local MATLAB install to 2016a, I ran into the same problem with Math::Random.  In this post, I wrote about how I fixed MATLAB for use of a local Perl install. (I found it, again, when searching for a solution to this problem!)  But, this fix didn’t work again so I set out to uncover a new working solution.


Perl in MATLAB

When running a piece of MATLAB code that called a Perl function, I would receive the following error:

Error using perl (line 79)
System error: Can't locate Math/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Program
Files/MATLAB/R2016a/sys/perl/win32/site/lib C:/Program Files/MATLAB/R2016a/sys/perl/win32/lib .) at line 3.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 3.
Command executed: perl -t t -n 20

MATLAB was referencing an internal Perl installation that did not have the module.  I needed to install that module.  Here’s what I tried:

  1. I located the built-in MATLAB Perl (an ActivePerl install) installation.  I attempted to use it’s built-in CPAN tool and the built-in PPM tool.  Neither were successful.
  2. I went and got the ActivePerl installer for the architecture.  I installed it and then ran the CPAN tool associated with this Perl installation; it worked this time.  From the CPAN terminal installation, I typed this  install Math::Random and installed the missing packages.
  3. I made sure the path was in the correct order via my previous solution–just in case.
  4. In MATLAB’s Perl.m file, I changed the line
    perlCmd = fullfile(matlabroot, 'sys\perl\win32\bin\');
    perlCmd = fullfile('C:\Perl64\bin\');.

Now, MATLAB would look at my ActivePerl local installation.


With a previous solution not working, I set about finding a new one.  I learned the use of the MATLAB command ‘fullfile’ and got a working Perl install to be recognized in 2016a.  I ensured that my new Perl install recognized the proper module that I required.  My code now runs flawlessly.

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Perl in MATLAB
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