HigherEdScope, a serial being broadcast on Periscope, is for higher ed development purposes.

Recently, Melissa Venable (a good friend and colleague) and I came up with the idea to do something crazy.  In the pioneering spirit of online learning we would

  1. stretch a platform to its boundaries,
  2. actually educate someone about something, and
  3. in the process learn just a lot.

This idea was bolstered by our inspiration from multiple podcasts (and growing!) in higher ed.  We knew that we could contribute, we knew that we had some interesting content to offer, and we set off to do just that.  We called it HigherEdScope (#HigherEdScope).

Periscope As A Development Platform

With the notion of live video broadcasts becoming commonplace (and not just feasible) we decided to use Periscope as the tool of choice for our broadcast.  Each of us decided on the hardware we would use (I procured a small research grant from my institution) and made those purchases to enable the serial.  We also decided that we wanted the focus of the serial broadcast to be based on faculty and administrative development.

What makes Periscope so amazing is its fundamental use of mobile hardware.  Not only are cameras and wireless technology used as the broadcast technology but the mobile tech is also the consumptive device.  While the broadcaster cannot see the participant, the broadcaster can interact via text input from the participant and then respond verbally.

For busy higher education professionals, being able to connect via their mobile devices (which most carry around) could be very easy.  Engagement could happen most easily (or not).

Social Media and Web Access for HigherEdScope

#HigherEdScope can be found on Twitter or Periscope at @HigherEdScope.  Further, we can be found online at higheredscope.com.  If you must watch via traditional computer, you should point your browser to https://www.periscope.tv/HigherEdScope/.  Further, you can watch our YouTube Channel to view previous episodes.


Feel free to follow the Periscope Feed (you might need to download the app).  Also, comment, ask questions,  and watch the first episode.  You should definitely expect to see more episodes–five more are planned–and you should expect to see to more writing on this exploration.

Regardless of the success (or lack thereof) of the serial, we’ll learn more about this frontier in digital communication. Perhaps, in the process, we’ll also teach a few things to some colleagues.


Pushing Frontiers: HigherEdScope

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