George Lankford, a former student at LaGrange College, presented his undergraduate research project (with me as his advisor) at the University of Tennessee Undergraduate Math Conference.

Student Presents at UT Conference

George was kind enough to record the video and then post them on YouTube for k?t me to watch.


George had clearly wholesale nba jerseys put lots of time in on his presentation. ¬†George’s research wholesale jerseys topic has a few foci, but the primary goal was for George cheap mlb jerseys to become a better programmer. He has certainly accomplished that! Let me stress that George’s project has been in his spare time, since mid-October. For He has accomplished in quite a bit in the short term.


George did something else by posting those videos that he Audio didn’t realize. First off, For he made his presentation available for me to watch it. Blog Since I could not go, Own I am now enabled to watch that talk! Thanks, George! Second, he helps us to document our undergraduate research and show that UR is wholesale nba jerseys an excellent way to extend wholesale nba jerseys the quality of our students’ education.

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Student Presents at UT Conference
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  • October 21, 2015 at 2:47 am

    Update: George Lankford is now working on his Ph.D. at NC State (go pack!). This same work eventually earned the best undergraduate research poster at CAARMS in 2011 (


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