How to Grade a Math Exam

I have been an educator in higher ed now, in some form or fashion, for fifteen years.  One of the hardest parts of this job is still the grading, but it gets easier.  I’ve made this grueling process more efficient

Fall 2015 Tea for Teachers of Digitally Enhanced Courses

Recently, two of my colleagues in Online Instruction/Instructional Technology and I hosted the “Tea for Educators of Digitally Enhanced Courses”.  This was an opportunity for our faculty who teach online, hybridized, or highly digitized courses (see the Online Learning Consortium’s

Lessons Learned from an Online College Algebra Course

Almost two years ago now, I wrote a series of blog posts dealing with the lessons learned from an online college algebra course.  I was in a second or third season as an online instructor and thought if I added

2015 Online College Students Report

Learning House and Aslanian Market Research published the Online College Students 2015 report. This information is wonderfully useful as we examine opportunities for online instruction.

Ways that I am Using Google Drive in Higher Ed

A few years ago, Google swallowed some smaller company and Google Docs was born. Before long, I found myself using it to share lists, mailing address lists, and pretty much anything else I could imagine. Professionally, in 2008, I found

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