Additional Thoughts on Exams

In a previous post, I detailed my process for actually grading mathematics exams.  Here are some additional thoughts that I’ve learned to build into my courses (before any exam), some commentary for after the exam, and then a few other

How to Grade a Math Exam

I have been an educator in higher ed now, in some form or fashion, for fifteen years.  One of the hardest parts of this job is still the grading, but it gets easier.  I’ve made this grueling process more efficient

Online College Algebra Debut, Part Three

You may have come across this article via Google. However, I encourage you to go back and read (pardon the informal writing style) the the two preceding segments: Online College Algebra Debut Part One and Part Two. In this segment,

iPad in the Classroom

Introduction Using some money from an in-house grant for pedagogical improvements, I purchased an iPad.  I’ve long been a believer in the archival of course content.  Since the only SMARTBoard available to me was several buildings away and was in

Student Presents at UT Conference

George Lankford, a former student at LaGrange College, presented his undergraduate research project (with me as his advisor) at the University of Tennessee Undergraduate Math Conference. Student Presents at UT Conference George was kind enough to record the video and

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