Perl in MATLAB

When I updated a local MATLAB install to 2016a, I ran into the same problem with Math::Random.  In this post, I wrote about how I fixed MATLAB for use of a local Perl install. (I found it, again, when searching

MATLAB and Fedora 19

I installed Fedora 19 (I returned to the RPM-based Linux distributions) around early December. I dual-boot my laptop with Windows 7 and Fedora 19 because scientific computing happens in Linux and because so many tools are freely available. But, I

Dropbox to Monitor Research Results

At this point, we’ve all become fans of the utility Dropbox. If you don’t know what Dropbox is, you may be in for quite the surprise. Dropbox is an app that installs on your computer(s) and syncs directories to a

Using An Alternate Perl Install for MATLAB

I recently installed MATLAB R2012b on a Windows desktop in my office. The plan was to set up a piece of code to run for quite a while on that machine. My office is cool (for maximum computer happiness) and

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