Creating Moodle Quizzes

On December 11, 2015, Instructional Technology at LaGrange College hosted another in our Brown Bag Lunch series.  The title was “Creating Moodle Quizzes” and the discussion was led by Dr. Christi Hu. Since this BBL was after final exams were

Moodle Gradebook with Categories

In a previous post, I wrote about the creation of an easy Moodle Gradebook.  In this post, I continue with a discussion about a step up in your gradebook.  What if you need a Moodle Gradebook with categories? A Moodle

The Simplest Moodle Gradebook Ever

In a recent post, I gave some good reasons why teachers should use a learning management system when teaching a course.  I didn’t reference the gradebook in that article a single time.  Yet, among the LaGrange College faculty, survey results bear

Adding Flash to a Moodle Lesson

I had a PDF that I wanted to embed into a Moodle Lesson but could not. I could upload the file and I could add a link, but that defeats the purpose of the lesson.  As I looked at the

Learning Management Systems by Market Shares

Introduction Former LaGrange College student, Carl Straumsheim (former student, strong thinker, and good guy), writes a great article on usage, frustration, and market portion of learning management systems at higher education institutions.   Learning Management Systems by Market Shares The

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