Conclusions: Wrapping Things Up

More than four years ago, now, I made a proposal to teach online courses at LaGrange College at the exact same window of time my provost had been planning to contract with a company to help us offer them.  I

Lessons Learned from an Online College Algebra Course

Almost two years ago now, I wrote a series of blog posts dealing with the lessons learned from an online college algebra course.  I was in a second or third season as an online instructor and thought if I added

2015 Online College Students Report

Learning House and Aslanian Market Research published the Online College Students 2015 report. This information is wonderfully useful as we examine opportunities for online instruction.

More Great Articles

A great report to read is found  at    In a similar note, the article Who Succeeds in Online Education, is also a great read.  Both are direct discussions with or in correlation to his firm, The Learning House. Enjoy, JME

Link for Prices of State Authorization

What many of you out there may not know is that higher education costs money at every corner. Many of us–I believed this as a student, for certain–believe that tuition covers all of the problems that most institutions have. That

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