How to Grade a Math Exam

I have been an educator in higher ed now, in some form or fashion, for fifteen years.  One of the hardest parts of this job is still the grading, but it gets easier.  I’ve made this grueling process more efficient

Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

LaGrange College hosts an annual, internal teaching-focused conference entitled “Teaching and Learning Conference 20xx” and that conference is given a nickname.  On May 18th, we hosted TLC2016.  This year, the planners included Prof. Rebekah Ralph, May McInnis, Dr. Christi Hu,

Co-Director Project NExT-SE

I recently accepted the post of Co-Director of the Project NExT-SE for the 2014-2016 meetings. I’m very excited and hope to bring something useful to the table. Jon

Freaknomics’ Post About Teaching I enjoyed this link. I wonder how I can change my college algebra class to help them to learn. Any suggestions? JME

Clickers in Math

The following entry is actually from a post on our Math Department’s blog (which I Utd also manage…expect some double-posts) from April 2008. cheap NFL jerseys Enjoy! Students in Dr. J. Ernstberger’s MATH 2105 (Precalculus) course use the SMART Reponse

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