MAA Southeastern Section Spring 2016 Meeting

Over the weekend of March 24th – 26th, I was at the MAA Southeastern Section Spring 2016 Meeting in Birmingham, AL at the beautiful University of Alabama at Birmingham campus. Project NExT-SE On the afternoon of 3/24 and the morning of 3/25, Project NExT-SE

Social Media for MAA Southeast

About two years ago I proposed that the Southeastern section of the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) adopt some social media.  Consequently, I was permitted to handle those accounts. In close discussion with Jim Gleason (UA, webmaster for MAASE), we

Online Course Article

I have learned to follow the Twitter feed for Profhacker.  I highly recommend it. The article found at <a href=”″></a> is an interesting read and a series to follow. Enjoy!

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