I want to encourage each of you to do something amazing.  I want to encourage you to take care of others around you in our world.

Taking Care of Others

Many (most) of us are exceptionally blessed.  For those of you who feel that you are in this category, take time and give back.  Our world is full of children and adults, locally and globally, who are without decent clothing and who are underfed.  There are probably many in your community who are without shelter and may not even have the ability to find shelter that is available to them.  Many of these need medical care but have no way to get it.

Give back financially.

Be intentional–don’t just drop a dollar in an unnamed charity’s bucket that you haven’t researched.  Choose how you help people.  There are some people for who money or items (clothing, shoes, food) are the best help and when we find a genuinely good cause we shouldn’t hesitate.

Your time is the real gift.

Soup kitchens, not-for-profits, and churches run on volunteer labor and they need our help.  Many of these organizations provide exceptional services but those who run the organizations are stretched to their limit, too.  A morning of volunteerism may make the difference in someone being helped…or not.  Giving time doesn’t have to be through a charity.  Perhaps you know someone who is alone this season.  I can imagine few things more saddening than being alone during a family-focused time.  Why not invite them for some time with you or your family?  They’ll appreciate the company and I’d bet you’ll benefit, too.  If you’ve got kids, they’ll learn a lesson that is unforgettable.

The value of each person is beyond calculation.

This entire universe is enormous but, so as far as we know, we’re unique.  Each of us is a biological masterpiece and every one of us has immeasurable experiences.  This implies that the value of each person is as immeasurable as their complexity and their experiences. Let’s choose to focus on helping others rather than on helping ourselves.

Taking Care of Others

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