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CV Summarized

Like my Twitter status shows, and like this site suggests, I’m in higher education.  I went to NC State and earned my Ph.D. in applied mathematics with a computational concentration.  For one year, I held a lecturer post at NC State.

Shortly after graduating, my wife and I moved to LaGrange, GA to work at LaGrange College.  We’ve been here since 2008.

In 2012, I became involved with online learning and continue to become increasingly interested with making higher ed a better place for everyone (on both sides of the desk).  I still love mathematics and believe that it is the language to solve all kinds of problems.  In 2016, I worked with adult and graduate education.

I’m learning a great deal already.  But, what I think I’m really learning is that I love to solve problems.  Most recently, I accepted a post as Associate VPAA and serve as the Director of the General Education.

Feel free to correspond with me on Twitter (@jernstberger).