I recently wrote about updates to the LaGrange College bulletin. I painted a very rosy picture using the Hannon Hill Catalog plugin tool for the Cascade CMS. I didn’t share some of my struggles. (Note: I am not a web designer.) However, maybe this will help some others.


The search tool didn’t function for me, from day one. I dug through all of the header and footer files and scripts thinking an error in syntax existed somewhere with no results. So, late to the game, I began using the developer tools built into Safari and I located a misplaced comma in the file used by tipuesearch when courses were indexed.

The ultimate problem was that many of the courses had a carriage return inserted at the bottom of the paragraph for the course description. A deletion, submission, and publication of that course would advance me to the next course description with the same error. Having done a “copy/paste” when building these courses, I had done this a great many times.

Missing Major/Minor Pages

In each of the program descriptor pages, at the bottom, the subservient (by directory structure) majors and minors are listed. However, this didn’t always happen.

One simple fix was related to how the major/minor had been created. If that file had been moved into the directory, the program page wouldn’t show the major/minor. An easy fix there was to simply copy the major/minor page to the same directory and delete the original. Almost always, this resolved this issue.

Disclaimer: Currently, I have two pages for which I cannot create the circumstance that the major/minor are rendered on the program page.


At first, just as soon as the courses were created, the “collapse” worked for course descriptions. Now, not so much. I keep trying to track down the error and am hoping that my colleague in M&C can figure out the error.

Update: Apparently, this was tied to how the file was named. Including a space in the name of the page (More->Rename) was detrimental to the collapse built-in to Bootstrap and that uses jquery.


I’m still working on the bulletin with a release date of 7/1/2019. I’m going to keep writing about how things have gotten fixed or improved. Hopefully, some of my unsophisticated fixes will help.

Updating the Bulletin, Part II

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