I recently installed MATLAB R2012b on a Windows desktop in my office. The plan was to set up a piece of code to run for quite a while on that machine. My office is cool (for maximum computer happiness) and ,over the break, the machine would be undisturbed.

Alternative Perl Install for MATLAB

I had an alternative Perl install for MATLAB named Strawberry Perl (which seems to work well for me) since a piece of software I use requires a call to a Perl function. I had even ran a variant of my main code in Octave (an open-source variant of MATLAB). Apparently beginning with R2008b, Mathworks ships MATLAB with a stripped-down version of Perl (ActivePerl). Consequently, even though Octave liked Strawberry, MATLAB did not. How could I make it work with my piece of code?

Why didn’t ActivePerl (built into MATLAB) work well for me? I required the Math::Random package. I was able to navigate through the C:Program FilesMATLABr2012B…. subdirectory structure to find the same directory that included Perl and (most importantly) the PPM (or the Perl Package Manager). I was able to install that file, but still couldn’t get my code to run.


Finally, I stumbled across this link┬áthat hinted at needing Strawberry Perl’s place in the Windows Path (I had forgotten about paths) to be┬ábefore MATLAB’s place. Then, everything worked. Don’t forget to use semi-colons to separate entries in your path.

Using An Alternate Perl Install for MATLAB
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